Welcome to the Crestwood South Easement Information Page.

This page was created to provide our neigbors and any prospective property owners a centralized portal containing information about our protected easement. Our protected easement is a 4.5 acre parcel of land located on the steep north slope of Red Mountain, generally northeast of Trinity Hospital in Crestwood South Neighborhood, bordered by 12th Avenue South between 56th Street North and 58th Street North, 13th Avenue South and Mountain Ridge Parkway.

Easement Map 1

Our easment is protected by two City of Birmingham Department of Planning, Engineering and Permits resolutions which prevents any currently planned or future development of the property, removal of any trees and blocks the connection of 13th Avenue South to Mountain Ridge Parkway.

Resolution One dated May 30, 2002 - An Appeal to Subdivision Case No. S-13-02 - Creates and protects easment.
Resolution Two dated April 4, 2007 - An appeal of Subdivision Case No. SUB2007-00011 protects this easement from any disturbance or development.

Official Background Information on the history of why this easement protected can be found here.

Supporting Documents to Background Information:

Attachment A - First Resolution 2002
Attachments B and C - First and Second Subdivision Attempts (maps)
Attachment D - Creation of Easment Area
Attachment E - Main Appeal Letters
Attachment F - D. Allen and J. Bates Appeal Letters
Attachment G - Landslide Susceptibility
Attachment H - Letters from Adjacent Neighbors

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